Welcome to Cathy Bolding's Digital Atelier

Originally, jacquard weaving required a great deal of time to produce a single design, drawn by hand on special graph paper, called point paper, and woven on a loom controlled by hand-cut cards similar to computer punch cards. In the late 20th century, advances in electronics and computer technology transformed the jacquard weaving industry, making design and execution easier and faster.

Current capabilities in jacquard technology have become available to handweavers, outside the world of industry, only within the past decade. Now, although the availability to handweavers is still very limited, it is possible, using Computer Aided Design software and computer-controlled electronic jacquard handlooms, to produce one-of-a-kind artworks of great structural complexity.

Enjoy your visit. See what is possible when modern digital technology is applied to the ancient art of weaving.

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